Project Reclass.

Second chances through education

We believe in second chances.

Project Reclass is a Nonprofit Vocational Program teaching technical skills to incarcerated veterans based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Four Branches

Project Reclass is a multi-disciplinary initiative that requires voices from different industries to sit down together and discuss how we can make the biggest impact possible for our veterans.

It’s not an easy or quick discussion. Get Involved to learn more!


Criminal Justice



Help us make a difference.

Become an intern or volunteer to help create second chances through vocational rehabilitation.

Our Founders

Kunal Jha
Co-Founder, First Lieutenant in U.S. Army

Kunal is an Active Duty Army Officer and United States Military Academy at West Point graduate stationed in Augusta, Georgia, working within the Cyber Center of Excellence. He was previously stationed in Camp Casey, South Korea where he served as a field artillery platoon leader as well as a fire support officer.

Tay Nishimura
Co-Founder, Site Reliability Engineer at DataDog

Tay is a Site Reliability Engineer in the City of New York. A believer in grassroots change, Tay also serves as an NYPD Auxiliary Officer and American Corporate Partners mentor. Tay has ten years of experience founding enduring organizations such as mental health advocacy, women-in-technology, healthcare, and Chinese dance programs.

Government Partners