95% of incarcerated individuals eventually rejoin society. Incarceration often leads to major setbacks in a person’s career. A majority of those released are re-incarcerated within 5 years.

Reclassification is the process of transitioning from one military occupational specialty to another. At Project Reclass, we believe investing upfront in individuals who are working towards financial independence makes enduring improvements to our communities. We are a team of civic-minded industry professionals passionate about helping individuals striving for upward mobility to reclassify.

Computer Networks are the backbone of the modern internet. The highly distributed and global nature of networking infrastructure ensures its longterm relevance in business, government, and telecommunication. Although there exists a high barrier entry today, our in-house learning platform, ToyNet, aims to increase accessibility of Computer Networking fundamentals through step-by-step, interactive learning modules.

ToyNet prepares learners for the CompTIA Network+ certification, allowing inmates to accumulate marketable skills while serving their prison sentence.

Founders recount teaching networking to veterans at Rutledge State Prison.

March, 2022

Launch ReVision Course

Deliver in-person job hunting and cover letter writing course.

December, 2022

Launch ReVision Videos

Publish a free seven part video course on job hunting and cover letter writing.

January, 2022

Minimum Viable Product

Finish building a demo of the ToyNet learning platform.

May, 2020

Nonprofit 501(c)3 Status

Reclass Ltd. becomes an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit!

September, 2019

First Class

Deliver first class at Rutledge State Prison.

February, 2019

Founders Unite!

Kunal and Tay whiteboard Project Reclass as an idea.

Tay Nishimura

Executive Director, Site Reliability Engineer at DataDog

Tay is a Site Reliability Engineer¬†in the City of New York. She has been founding enduring volunteer organizations over a decade. She also has over 7 years of software engineering experience at some of the world’s leading technology firms including Datadog, Bloomberg, Amazon and Google. Tay is committed to eradicating barriers to economic mobility through both career mentorship programs and free educational technology.

Kunal Jha

Head of Philanthropy, Captain in U.S. Army

Kunal is an Active Duty Army Officer and United States Military Academy at West Point graduate stationed in Maryland. He was previously stationed in Camp Casey, South Korea where he served as a field artillery platoon leader and fire support officer. He has also served in Fort Gordon, Georgia within the Cyber Center of Excellence. Kunal founded Project Reclass to help individuals find pathways to success through authentic, human relationships.