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Want to join our core team and drive the vision of Project Reclass with us?

You will work closely with the co-founders, participate in strategy meetings, and assist with recruitment and personal development of future leaders. Reclass members are comfortable navigating uncertainty, thinking outside the box, and getting things done.

Fill out the New Member Application for a 30 hour per month commitment!

Not everyone is in a place to dive in and drive change at 100 miles per hour. You may have other commitments or responsibilities which come first, but you are equally passionate about our mission!

Want to tackle clearly defined, bite-sized needs of the organization and build new skillsets? As an Intern, you will work closely with our core members to realize our vision to make a tangible impact on our users.

Fill out the New Intern Application for a 20 hour per month commitment!

Not ready to commitment up front, but excited to support veterans, and provide incarcerated persons a second chance?

Project Reclass has many grassroots efforts; your experience enables our team to get to the next level. There is no cap to how frequently you participate as a buddy.

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