Our technology team is composed of technologists from a wide range of fields such as cyber-security, infrastructure, web development, distributed systems, and systems engineering. On top of project owners and mentors with extensive industry experience on these subjects, our volunteers include active-duty service members, military spouses, undergraduate and graduate computer science students, and coding Bootcamp graduates. We are connected through our project’s mission, our hunger for learning, and our love of collaborative environments.

We are currently seeking individuals interested in contributing to the Minimum Viable Product of ToyNet, our open-sourced learning platform written in ReactJS and Flask using a relational datastore. We are currently deployed to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have Dockerized all of our services to easily install the software onto laptops in prison environments where access to the internet is usually limited. Check out the video below to hear Skillbridge Intern Theo Lindsey and UChicago summer technology interns Josiah Aviles and Sabine Salnave explain Docker, Kubernetes, and demonstrate how node and pod failures and handled by ReplicaSets!

If you are also passionate about tackling new problems and building open-source technologies that provide free education to underserved communities, read on!

Joining the Community

We have regular, remote meetings and open some of our events for newcomers to ask about our open-source projects, join career discussions, and learn new technology with us. Reach out to to get invited to these events. Our community is a close-knit team focused on professional development. After you do a few projects with us, you may be nominated to become a Buddy with us. While there are no commitments as a Buddy, Buddies generally do at least one project a quarter with us or serve as mentors by sharing their career journeys with us in a casual interview setup, helping our volunteers prepare for technical interviews, and providing resume prep and feedback on our projects.

Watch the video below to hear about Arthur Lacey, a Reclass software engineering and transitioning veteran, first decided to join the military and is now ready to make an impact in the civilian world.

Contributing to Open-Source

You can contribute directly to our open-source projects without joining the community at ( by following the guidelines outlined in our documentation (

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