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Our technology team consists of technologists from all walks of life. Our technology team is composed of technologists with various backgrounds, educated in fields such as cyber-security, infrastructure, web development, distributed systems, and systems engineering. Our volunteers include active-duty members of the military, military spouses, students in four-year university programs, code Bootcamp participants, and graduate students in programs of various technological disciplines. We are connected through our project’s mission, our hunger for learning, and our love of collaborative environments.

Through the rest of 2021, we are seeking individuals interested in helping us build out our Minimum Viable Product, the ToyNet emulator, and the remaining components of the learning platform. The software runs on ReactJS and Django Rest Framework using an SQL database.

We use Docker containers to abstract out the underlying infrastructure, allowing us to prepare laptops to deploy to prison environments without internet access, for remote learning throughout the COVID pandemic. We also leverage Amazon Web Service cloud technologies such as Elastic Container Service (ECS), Virtual Public Cloud (VPC), and Simple Storage Service (S3) to deploy to the web in a scalable and secure fashion.

If you are also passionate about tackling new problems and building free, open-source platforms to empower technical learning, apply for a position in our program!

Join our buddy program

Many of our volunteers are exploring new career paths. If you have four or more years of industry experience in any technical domain, apply to be a Buddy with us. There are various one-off opportunities in the buddy program to mentor our team:

  • Coffee Chats – Meet our team through a 45-minute, moderated Q&A session on your career! How do you approach continuous learning? Who was influential in your personal development? What are some tough decisions you’ve had to make as a leader or individual contributor?
  • Interview Coaching – Facilitate interview preparation for our volunteers, especially those transitioning out of the military or job hunting for the first time post-graduation, by conducting mock behavioral or technical interviews.
  • Resume Review – For a quick way to help out, provide feedback on resumes.
  • Mentorship – Partner with an engineer from our program by reviewing their code regularly, having casual 1-on-1s, and exploring career paths with them.

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