Our Core Team

We are a fully volunteer force that believes in grassroots change. We are technologists, designers, researchers, and educators working together to build and deploy our Learning Platform.

Research & Outreach

Tay Nishimura


Tay is a Site Reliability Engineer in New York with industry experience at cutting-edge technology firms. A believer in grassroots change, Tay also serves as an NYPD Auxiliary officer and American Corporate Partners mentor.

Kunal Jha


Kunal works within the Cyber Center of Excellence as an Active Duty Army Officer stationed in Augusta, Georgia. He is committed to finding pathways to success for incarcerated Veterans. On his days off, Kunal loves to cook.

Ashlyn Thomas Smith

Program Manager

An outgoing and motivated professional, Ashlyn is a cyber security student aspiring to work in Cloud Security. She leverages her background and passion in education to support those in underserved communities.

Jacqueline Paneque

Business Specialist

Jacqueline is a Pricing Analyst for TE Connectivity. She also has experience in Finance, Operations and Project Management. As a life learner, she is passionate about using her broad knowledge to help both individuals and businesses reach success.

Grato Paneque

Criminal Justice Specialist

With a BS in Criminal Justice and MS in Administration of Justice, Grato advocates for the transition towards more educated individuals within the bottom line of the CJ system; ranging from law enforcement, to the Department of Corrections.

Tara Nolan

Marketing Specialist

A photographer by trade and applies the concepts and creativity to everyday tasks. After running her first marathon in the city in 2019, she moved to New York. Prior to the move, Tara worked within marketing, design, and event management.

Technology Development

Scott Richardson

Software Team Lead

Scott is a Graduate Student in Georgia Tech’s Online Computer Science program. Aside from his day job in the U.S. Air Force He enjoys contributing to open-source software projects that help to make a difference in people’s lives.

Theodore Lindsey III

Infrastructure Team Lead

Theo is a fun-loving cloud professional in the U.S. Air Force. He stays active, spends quality time with family and dogs, and fight for education in low income areas. He wants to provide free education to underrepresented youth.

Cecil Green

UX Designer

A life learner with a passion for human-centered design, Cecil is an aspiring UX Designer in Brooklyn with professional experience at top architectural firms and startups. He enjoys learning softwares, creating illustrations, and writing music.

Garrett Freeberg

UX / Content Writer

Garrett finds human-centered ways to convey information and challenging concepts. He is a web and digital content writer from the Bay Area furthering his career in technology by transitioning into UX Writing and Content Strategy. 

Hiro Nishimura

WordPress Developer

Hiro is a freelance Technical Writer and Content Strategist, specializing in small to medium-sized tech startups. She is the Founder of AWS Newbies and a Technical Instructor at LinkedIn Learning. She has formalized training in Special Education.

Aram Chung

Technical Program Manager

Aram is a software engineer in New York. Passionate about designing accessible education, Aram researches new ways to compose technical textbooks. She enjoys data visualization, drawing, and writing. She is also an incurable period drama nerd.

Summer 2020 Interns

Yi Yang

Software Engineer

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Yi studies Computer Science student at Drexel University who wants to start his own business one day. He loves working hard and always challenges himself to learn more, especially about software!

Steven Waldron

Software Engineer

Steven is a Software Engineering student at Flatiron School looking to make a difference in people’s lives. His loves web development in both Python and Javascript. Recently relocated to Los Angeles, Steven likes to draw, paint, and meet new people!

Enmanuel de la Nuez

Software Engineer

Enmanuel is a Software Engineering Fellow and teacher’s assistant at The Marcy Lab School. Endlessly curious, deeply empathetic, and wildly imaginative. Committed to learn as much as possible and enabling others to the same.

Jessica Jha

Marketing Outreach

Jessica is pursuing her Bachelors in Computer Science at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She volunteers for education programs to  encourage minority involvement in technology and research. She is exploring ways to serve as a bridge between technology and other fields.

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